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Date(s) - 20.02.24 - 21.02.24
23:00 - 0:30


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Until now, we failed to create a culture, where women and men can creatively collaborate for the benefit of our planet, for the benefit of humankind. How come? Many women have tried to fight or to blend in the social system, which is mostly played and dominated by men. But we women failed to reclaim our dignity and respect for ourselves. We hold more respect for men and their hierarchical games than for our own authority, voice, feelings and inner wisdom. 

We invite you to this work talk to become a Woman who takes back her power of listening to and respecting herself. 

Reclaiming your dignity is not a selfish act, if done in interdependence and vulnerability. 

Regaining your dignity is taking a stand for yourself in relating with other women, other men and our nature. Dignify yourself and take a stand to serve something greater than yourself. 

Work-Talk with Vera Franco and Lisa Ommert
in Portuguese and English language

Your Investment: 30 – 50 Reais or 10 – 30 €.

20th February  2024 – 19:00 – 20:30 BRT

Anmeldung & Information hier!