Gremlin Transformation GTC0: MEET YOUR GREMLIN

Gremlin Transformation GTC0: MEET YOUR GREMLIN
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Date(s) - 17.01.24 - 28.02.24






You carry within you an archetypal power of non-linear creation, a rich source of innovation capable of transcending the limitations of the status quo and your own inner prisons.Before this power is activated to serve your destiny, it unconsciously lies in the shadows, protecting all your survival strategies and often sabotaging brave acts, relationships, and even the clarity of your mission.

Own Your Underworld: The Gremlin Transformation is a journey of exploration, discovery, and healing as you transform your relationship with the force of nature that is your Gremlin and shift your intent from survival to expansion – in service of your destiny. With the initiation into conscious and authentic adulthood, it is also a crucial preparatory space for the long-term process of decontamination of the Adult ego state.

The journey consists of 4 chapters. Each chapter has specific requirements. There is ongoing practice, experimentation, and teamwork between chapters.

— — —

CHAPTER 0 / CORE CHAPTER: Meet your Gremlin

Welcome to the Core Chapter (formerly Chapter 0). The point is that you must first establish a conscious relationship with your Gremlin in order to transform it. To do this, you must first be able to clearly identify and understand your Gremlin. That’s what this chapter is about.

In this chapter you will get to know your Gremlin. Is it a type 1? type 2? What are its favorite foods? What’s really going on? Begin the Gremlin exploration as a team and progress through the initiations to develop a conscious relationship with your Gremlin.

— — —

6x Wednesdays: 17. + 24. January, 7. + 14. + 21. + 28. February | 19:30 – 22:00 CET
6x Thursdays 18. + 25. January, 8. + 15. + 22. + 29. February | 7:30 – 10:00 NZDT
1. YELLOW TIER | Brazil / Turkey / Egypt | 110 – 150 EURO
2. BLUE TIER | Poland / Portugal / New Zealand | 150 – 220 EURO
3. RED TIER | Germany, France, USA, Canada | 240 – 340 EURO
4. NORTHERN TIER | Sweden, Norway, Denmark | 300 – 420 EURO
Repeaters pay less – please talk to us.
Lisa Ommert & Tristan Girdwood
You have attended an Expand the Box (ETB), a Rage Club, & at least ONE Lab, and you have made a list of 50+ Gremlin Foods before beginning (see below).
Of the 6 meetings, you may only miss one appointment, and you must let us know beforehand. If you do not let us know beforehand, or if you miss 2x, the Gremlin transformation is over for you.Please fill out the form below and we will reply to you about 2 weeks before the start of the training with payment details and next steps.Love, Clarity, and Transformation,
Lisa & Devin